School Site Council


Shared Decision Making Atmosphere
The shared decision making process creates an atmosphere where decision making is collegial and fosters an exchange of ideas and information necessary for effective professional practice and for an improved educational process. It provides opportunities for each learning community to make critical decisions, positively impacting student performance.

Who is Involved?
Parents, School Employees (Teachers and Non-Teachers), Principals and Community Members.
Central Focus
Improvement of student achievement, building professional Learning Communities, School Accountability Plan, allocation of undesignated tax credit monies, and much more! 
Upcoming Meetings
School Site Council Members
Donna Chambliss contact Donna Chambliss by email
Veronica Bonner
Brandee Hudson
Linda Schmid
Angel Strain
Torsha Freeman
Brook Hansen
Peggy Esparza
Karen Motl
Deborah Marquis
Donna Dennis
Owen Rosner